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Managing Immigration Compliance

Our Irish Immigration team assist a number of multinational organisations and local businesses with their immigration needs. We ensure that the business and their employees remain compliant with their immigration obligations at all time. While doing this we ensure to deliver a high quality and personal service, so that all immigration processes can run efficiently and smoothly. We know how important global relocations are to both the business and their employees. We are able to provide assistance with all aspects of global moves including operational, advisory and strategic advice. Our teams use one approach, one service, and one global delivery model. At Deloitte, immigration services are delivered by our Global Employer Services (GES) practice in conjunction with tax services to provide a distinctive client experience.

How we can help?

In support of global growth strategies, it remains important for multinational companies to efficiently deliver talent where it is needed in a timely manner.  Businesses often need to move people into emerging host country locations. Worldwide regulatory changes are increasing, particularly at present. This often causes challenges in obtaining proper permission to work, and keeping compliant while policies rapidly change. Our team keeps up to date with all active changes and trends in policy updates. We will ensure your workforce remain compliant when making global moves.

With current global uncertainties, we know that businesses and their employees are seeking security, not just in their global movements, but in their current locations too. Our team is well equipped to assist with more permanent immigration options for individuals who wish to make long term relocations.

Deloitte has cultivated active relationships with local immigration authorities, providing indispensable knowledge and insights that help us to manage any essential issues that will benefit our clients. Our vast experience working with different immigration authorities means that our team hold valuable knowledge and professional expertise that contribute to our services on a daily basis. 

Our team can provide assistance with all aspects of Irish immigration, including:

  • Immigration audits: a full review of the clients workforce to ensure immigration compliance
  • Business traveller advice
  • Employment permit application assistance
  • Global co-ordination: ensuring the client gets access to immigration teams across the world when country specific knowledge is required outside of Ireland 
  • Project management
  • Governance of policy change
  • Compliance consultations
  • Immigration document tracking
  • Corporate and Private Client assistance
  • Reporting
  • Risk review analysis
  • Strategic advisory and reporting
  • Training
  • Dependant / Spousal immigration assistance  
GES Immigration Services

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Róisín Fitzpatrick

Róisín Fitzpatrick

Partner, Tax and Legal

Róisín is a partner and qualified solicitor in Tax & Legal, where she is the Immigration Leader for Ireland. She has represented a large selection of global firms, including many Fortune 500 companies... More