Indirect Tax Review


Indirect Tax Review

Indirect Tax

Business expansion, complicated supply chains, changing regulatory environments and increasing governmental focus on taxpayer behavior are increasing indirect tax risks on a local and global scale.

VAT Review Smart

Indirect Tax Review employs VAT Review Smart technology to facilitate consistent diagnosis of VAT risks and opportunities across multiple jurisdictions. The technology is scalable and can be applied to any size of business, from global organizations looking for true cross-jurisdictional comparability to small businesses operating in just one jurisdiction.

Leveraging proprietary VAT Review Smart technology, Deloitte's network of experienced VAT practitioners can help to:

  • Identify possible VAT risks and opportunities to evaluate and prioritize potential business impacts and compliance process change requirements
  • Compare performance across jurisdictions and identify organizational best practices
  • Assess VAT risks and opportunities for newly acquired businesses
  • Establish "best in class" global VAT operations to help reduce tax authority scrutiny and avoid unnecessary VAT costs

Download the VAT Review Smart placemat.

CGT Review Smart

Indirect Tax Review can help assess the current status of your organization’s global customs and trade affairs.

Leveraging proprietary CGT Review Smart technology, Deloitte's network of experienced customs and trade practitioners can help:

  • Expand managements executive oversight on an aggregated group basis and report on potential risks across an organization
  • Compare cultural and strategic risk management controls across jurisdictions and identify organizational best practices
  • Adopt consistent and uniform taxonomy and methodology for assessing risk and prioritizing its management

Download the CGT Review Smart placemat.

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Pascal Brennan

Pascal Brennan

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Pascal is a partner and national leader of the indirect taxes group. He has over thirty years of experience and having worked both in the Revenue Commissioners and private practice during his career i... More

Alan Kilmartin

Alan Kilmartin

Director, Indirect Tax

Alan is a Director in our Indirect Taxes group having previously worked with the Irish Revenue Commissioners as a tax auditor. He has significant experience advising clients in relation to VAT & RCT a... More