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Technology provides the efficiencies, controls, and business intelligence that allow our clients to raise service levels to their assignees, vendors, and management. Deloitte is a recognized leader in the design, development, and implementation of innovative expatriate services technology that can significantly streamline program administration and leverage international employee data. We have helped many global organizations integrate technology into their international assignment programs and become e-enabled. Our web-based tools can enhance customer service, speed up transactions, and monitor quality and accountability. Through our next generation GlobalAdvantage Portal, users can access our tools and customize their experience with interactive, dynamic functionality.

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A key area of concern for many employers is monitoring the tax withholding and reporting requirements in Ireland and overseas in respect of business travellers. Compliance with these requirements has come under increased focus in recent years and the costs of non-compliance can be substantial from a financial and a reputational perspective. Our suite of Business Traveller technology solutions tools allows you to monitor and control the days spent in Ireland by overseas employees, as well as the days spent overseas by Irish employees, thus ensuring the risks regarding Irish and international payrolls are managed.  Our technology solutions allow organisations to prepare up-front calculations relating to employee assignments thus avoiding any unforeseen costs and help you ensure your company remains compliant and meets its withholding obligations on cross-border equity income.

Our market leading technology solutions are accessible through our GlobalAdvantage portal and include the following:

  • GA cost projection – this tool can be used to estimate the cost of international assignments and perform tax calculations in over 60 countries
  • GA business traveller and GA calendar – these tools are focused on Short Term Business Travellers. The Business Traveller tool allows clients to identify when tax compliance requirements may arise in the foreign location. The Calendar tool is used by the business traveller to track their days in the home and host countries
  • GA equity – this tool can provide summaries of tax, social security, reporting, withholding and legal issues in relation to equity-based compensation. Many different types of equity plans are covered in over 50 countries
  • GA equity awards – this tool is used to calculate the withholding due on equity-based compensation when an individual has worked in more than one country
  • GA service initiation / GA connect – the Service Initiation tool allows clients to request Deloitte assignment-related services in a secure, efficient manner. The client can also use this tool to monitor the status of the requested services. GA Connect is an expanded version which allows the client to request third-party vendor services, such as immigration and relocation services
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Sarah Conry

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Colin Forbes

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