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Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards

Entry criteria and application process

Now in its eighteenth year the awards are among Ireland’s longest standing technology award contests and have become a highlight in the annual calendar for technology companies.

To enter the Fast 50 Awards, companies must meet the criteria listed below, ensuring the programme is objective and unbiased.   

Entries must be submitted electronically via the application link, which will re-open this later this year.

Fast 50 Awards Category:  

1. The company must have been in business for a minimum of four years with a turnover of at least €50,000 in 2013. 

2. The company must be considered a technology company, which is defined as: 

• developing or owning proprietary technology that contributes to a significant portion of the company's operating revenues 

• producing technology 

• manufacturing technology-related products 

• be technology intensive, or use unique technology to solve problems 

• devoting a high percentage of effort to technology R&D 

• using another company's technology or intellectual property in a unique way does not qualify. 

3. Entrants can be public or private companies but the parent company must be headquartered in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland.  

NB: subsidiaries or divisions of Irish or Northern Irish companies or multinational organisations do not qualify. 

4. All submissions must be accompanied by signed accounts (pdf version) for the last financial year being measured in the competition. Unless a statutory exemption is being taken, these accounts must be unabbreviated and audited. 


Additional awards categories 

5 additional awards categories were added to the programme in 2015, each of which has an MNC Patron. These categories include: 

1. Innovative new Technology award in association with Google 

This award is for the company that has created or introduced a new or innovative product or service to International markets that has helped grow their business over the last four years.  

2. Export award in association with Intel

This award will be given to the company showing the highest percentage of exports in their most recent year of trading through their application submission.

3. R&D Awards in association with LinkedIn

This award is for the company that demonstrates the highest level of investment as a percentage of turnover in research and development within their most recent year of trading.  

4. Impact award in association with Paypal

This award is for the company that has made the most significant impact within the current year. Companies will be given an opportunity to demonstrate how they have made an impact through their application.  

5. Leading female award in association with Vodafone 

This award will be given to a leading female in technology who has contributed to business growth within their organisation.

Rising Star category

Companies who wish to enter the programme, which have not been in business for the minimum 4 years may qualify for the Rising Star category on satisfaction of the following criteria: 

1. Entrants must have been operating for a minimum of three years and less than four years, with turnover of at least €30,000 for 2014. 

2. Entrants can be public or private companies but the parent company must be headquartered in the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. Subsidiaries or divisions do not qualify. 

3. Each entrant must be a technology company defined as producing technology; manufacturing technology-related products; being technologically intensive or using technology in problem-solving; or devoting a high percentage of effort to the research and development of technology.

If you have any further questions regarding whether your company qualifies, please contact Genevieve Walkin at

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