National Broadband plans

Realising the benefits through better governance

Connectivity through universal broadband infrastructure is a key social enabler and a policy priority for many governments around the world, no more so than in Ireland. The educational, economic and social impacts in Ireland can only be rivaled by rural electrification over 80 years ago.

The governance of  a national broadband plan (NBPs) must evolve and remain fit for purpose to oversee the programme across its key stages. Many approaches to implementing NBPs attempt to establish linear governance across the six sequential stages; however, the experience shows that clear management of the vertical elements at each stage is more critical to programme success. This paper explores: 

  • Establishing effective governance of NBP
  • Monitoring and assuring delivery of NBP
  • Maximising the economic and social impacts of connectivity 
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In order to maximise the impact of National Broadband Plans, they need to be embedded across society as broadly and deeply as possible.

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