Making it work

After the global pandemic, organisations are asking how can they survive and thrive in an unpredictable climate, hallmarked by disruptive economic factors, on-going humanitarian conflicts and changing stakeholder expectations.

Organisations in the Tech, Media and Telecoms industry are having to address over-inflation of their workforces, with many right-sizing their organisations to prioritise investment in areas that generate the most business value.

Focussing on ‘how’ right-sizing takes place, for both leavers and those that remain, is critical for sustainable business success and their brand in the talent market. In moments of uncertainty and concern, it’s not only what you do but equally how you do it that matters.

Rightsizing - How to go about it

There is no single right answer to right-sizing, but there is a right
way to build a responsive, flexible and purpose fit process to
achieve it. There are two lenses to consider when approaching a
rightsizing exercise:

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