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Global TMT Predictions 2021

What does the future hold for technology, media, and telecommunications?

TMT Predictions Series Presents: Hockey Legend and Olympian Nicci Daly & Google's Head of Telco & Media Juliet Bramwell

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  • Increased Visibility and Monetisation of Women's Sport;
  • The Role of Data in Sport;
  • Future of Cloud.

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The COVID-19 catalyst

Deloitte’s 2021 TMT Predictions report contains nine topics this year. The dominant theme is the way in which COVID-19 has acted like a chemical catalyst, making what was already happening anyway happen much faster. As leaders around the world have observed, ”We are seeing many years of progress in as many months!”

The pandemic has dramatically catalysed growth in cloud computing, the shift to the intelligent edge, unfounded fears over the health effects of 5G, and the use of video calling for virtual doctor visits.

To a lesser extent, growth in the use of digital reality headsets has been accelerated, although unit numbers are still low. The hyperquantification of athletes is thriving as spectators can’t attend matches in person, and 8K TVs are up at least in part to viewers spending more time at home.

On the other hand, progress of women in sports and open RAN networking solutions are relatively unaffected by the pandemic.

In a chemical reaction, when a catalyst is removed, the reaction returns to its slower rate. Will the post-pandemic world see change, disruption, and innovation decelerate from current levels? Or will the acceleration induced by COVID-19 persist for the long term—perhaps even permanently?

Welcome to TMT Predictions 2021.


Global TMT Predictions 2021

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2021 TMT Predictions

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The cloud migration forecast
Cloudy with a chance of clouds

Video visits go viral
COVID-19 sparks growth in video doctor’s visits

Gaining an intelligent edge
Edge computing and intelligence could propel tech and telecom growth

5G is not hazardous to your health
Busting the radiation risk myth

From virtual to reality
Digital reality headsets in enterprise and education

TV’s New Year’s resolution
The start of the 8K wave

Women’s sports gets down to business
On track for rising monetisation

The next generation radio access network
Open and virtualised RANs are the future of mobile networks

The hyperquantified athlete
Technology, measurement, and the business of sport
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