Welcome to the Deloitte CIO survey 2015

The Deloitte CIO Survey report presents the findings from our 2015 global survey, this year with responses from over 900 CIOs, from all major industry groups in 49 countries around the world.

Key findings

This year’s survey focuses on the CIO as a business leader and a driver of growth through technology innovation. Organisations across Ireland and internationally are setting their sights on stronger growth and, for many, technology investment is clearly a strategic priority.

Digital, analytics and big data are taking precedence as technology is changing the way businesses operate and companies are adapting their operating models to reflect the emerging digital economy. But what can Irish CIOs do to drive the technology programmes necessary to enable the growth and innovation sought by their CEO and CFO colleagues?

Key highlights of this year’s survey includes:

  • On what topics do Technology Leaders focus their time?
  • To what degree are the objectives of Technology Leaders aligned with shifting business strategy?
  • To what extent is the compensation of Technology Leaders linked to strategic business objectives?
  • Which relationships do Technology Leaders have influence over? Where are the gaps?
  • To what degree are Technology Leaders influencing external relationships?
  • Do modern Technology Leaders exhibit adaptive leadership and capability?
  • What are the views of Technology Leaders on a selected range of technologies, including cloud and analytics?



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