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Robotic Process Automation

Today, a confluence of related trends, largely under the banner of “Robotic Process Automation” (“RPA”), are driving a significant shift in how businesses are approaching global business services. Read Connectors: RPA to learn how RPA can become a part your service delivery transformation.

Identified as one of Deloitte's 2017 Tech Trends, Robotic Process Automation has quickly moved from being seen as science-fiction to being a feasible implementation for today's companies.

However, even though the technology has come to the forefront of disruption, there is still a lot of misconceptions regarding RPA. What does it really offer, and how should you be thinking about it?


Consider how labor-intensive repetitive tasks can be in any business, from the finance department to HR. Initiating a service request, filling out an invoice, keying in a transaction, responding to email queries, opening new jobs, reporting, you name it.

Today, thanks to big gains in performance and price, it’s possible to rely heavily or completely on technology to replicate routine, predictable tasks —largely under the banner of “Robotic Process Automation,” or RPA.

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SDT Connectors : RPA

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