Robotic and Cognitive Automation


Robotic and Cognitive Automation

The fusion of digital with operational excellence

In recent years Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has emerged as a viable, cost effective lever to drive value from multiple sources by reducing cost, improving operational risk management, creating capacity to enable growth and improving customer experience. The promise of minimal investment, faster ROI and relatively light engineering has led many firms across all industry sectors to explore and pilot RPA capability. However, for many firms, getting to scale and developing sustainable capability proves more elusive as they navigate the realities of fractured business processes, unstructured data, legacy IT architectures and traditional change governance cultures.

In our client engagements at market leading RPA Centres of Excellence (CoE) we see certain themes and trends emerging as critical success criteria for achieving sustainable capability and business benefits. In this paper, we share our insights into RPA leadership, strategic drivers, service delivery models and organisational design, talent and technology.

The fusion of digital with operational excellence Report

Our strategic insight is that the firms who extract most value from RPA see it as a complimentary lever within a wider ‘Digital Operational Excellence’ framework. Their rounded and realistic view acknowledges the benefit of adopting a ‘right lever, right place, right time’ approach across entire value streams. In effect, this assimilates Digitisation, Lean, RPA, Organisational Design, Operations Management, System Integration and Sourcing solutions and provides the right foundation to exploit emerging cognitive technologies such as Image Recognition, Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning, thus evolving RPA to Robotic & Cognitive Automation.

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