CIO Survey 2014 - CIO pulse

CIO's role in creating a culture of innovation and examining personal style

Irish CIOs lag behind global counterparts in the importance placed on IT innovation.

Key findings

For businesses that aspire to grown through technology innovation, there is still work to be done to shift mentalities and embed an innovation culture. It is surprising given the RD&I grants available in Ireland, to find that Irish CIOs lag behind our global counterparts in the importance they place on IT innovation for the IT function.

Irish CIOs report that business leadership’s attitude to risk is one of the biggest constraints in undertaking riskier investments for innovation and growth. Indicating perhaps a need for the wider business to bought into IT innovation.

CIO style is also highlighted in the survey, with CIOs advised to become more self-aware of personal style and attributes. This will enable them to adapt to different situations and leadership styles, for greater impact in the C-suite.

Other key highlights include:

  • Around 30% of CIOs internationally rated IT innovation very important to the IT function, however only 17% of Irish CIOs feel the same
  • 45% of Irish CIOs report that business leadership’s attitude to risk, is the biggest constraint in undertaking riskier IT investments for innovation and growth
  • Business leadership attitude to risk was rated the number one factor stopping CIOs from making riskier IT investments. IT budget constraints was number two

Download our full report to see how Irish CIOs compare internationally, and get the Deloitte perspective and specialist advice.

CIO survey 2014

Video highlights


  • Don’t bet the business, take intelligent risks: Irish CIOs wanting to lead on growth through technological innovation should look to ensure they balance their portfolio of technology investments with the right mix of safe and riskier propositions
  • Sharpen your business instincts: Stay on top of technology trends, their impact and how they might contribute to business growth. Being at the heart of technology innovation will help sharpen business instincts and identify opportunities
  • Be prepared to fail: Irish CIOs who want to grow the business through innovation must recognise that not every investment they make will pay off, some may even fail. However this should not deter them from taking on new investments as part of a risk portfolio
  • Don’t forget business as usual: The majority of the CIO investment portfolio is likely to remain business-as-usual IT services, and outcomes on those investments should not be compromised by innovating for business growth

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