CIO Survey 2014 - CIO relationships

Internal and external stakeholders critical for CIO success

CIOs continue to maintain good relationships with established roles.

Key findings

The survey has shown that CIOs continue to maintain good relationships with established roles, such as CEO, CFO and COO. More could be done though in building board relationships if CIOs want their IT functions to innovate and support business growth. In addition, CIOs do not rate their relationships with newly emerging stakeholders, such as chief data officer, chief digital officer and chief marketing office as particularly strong.

Although in a better position than last year, CIOs are still striving to become leading business partners within their organisations. In terms of external relationships, CIOs could be doing more to develop networking groups, alliance partners and supplier relationships, with a view to fuelling innovation.

Other key highlights include:

  • Half of Irish CIOs report having a very good relationship with their CEO (40% globally)
  • Majority of CIOs do not rate their relationship with newly emerging stakeholders (such as chief data officer, chief digital officer and chief marketing office) as particularly strong
  • Fewer Irish CIOs rate the importance of their relationship with technology partners as important or very important that their global colleagues
  • Only one third of Irish CIOs claim to have a very good relationship with suppliers or vendors
  • The percentage of CIOs claiming that their function is a ‘strong partner to the business’ has increased from 40% in 2013 to 44% in 2014

Download our full report to see how Irish CIOs compare internationally, and get the Deloitte perspective and specialist advice.

CIO survey 2014

Video highlights


  • Refresh relationships: New generation business leadership roles such as chief digital and chief data officers are gaining prominence. It is becoming essential for CIOs to nurture stronger, trusted relationships with leaders in these roles
  • Crowdsource, ideate and commercialise: Using crowdsourcing to ideate and develop new product lines is a powerful mechanism that may help CIOs develop business opportunities
  • Improve C-Level influence with stories: CIOs should find interesting ways to get their message across. With RD&I grant aid available through the IDA, the ability to communicate a strong vision can lead to rewards for innovative CIOs and their organisations

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