Deloitte Accelerated Value: Supply chain innovation

Embedding intelligence and value into end-to-end operations—from the factory floor to the future supply network

In tomorrow’s digital economy, the supply chain is about far more than supply. It’s about new integrated, end to- end value—from demand planning to sourcing to manufacturing to shipping to customer engagement. Each link in the chain and each touch point between links represents a potential new area for insights, efficiencies, and growth opportunities. An intelligent, automated, deeply connected supply chain represents a vision for tomorrow. But what does
that vision really look like, and how can you start putting the pieces together to unlock new value while at the same time continuing to run your operations? And why do it now?

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Accelerating innovation
For the supply chain, the digital challenges that tomorrow will bring promise to be massive. Strengthening your digital core will remain important, but accelerating innovation also will be critical—typically requiring comprehensive digital solutions and an ability to build innovation into business processes. Want to get a jump on tomorrow’s demands, “own” the supply chain, and stand apart from the competition? Making systems intelligent can help, and the good news is that SAP® technologies are enabling tomorrow’s vision for an intelligent supply chain.

Leveraging SAP technology, you can pull in more data, intelligently automate processes, radically improve insights for
decision-making, and deliver exponential value throughout the enterprise—moving rapidly and responding proactively, not merely reacting to events after they have happened.

New solutions for new needs

For many organisations, the future will be about more than managing disruption. It will be about getting ahead of disruption, planning for it, and taking advantage of the opportunities for value that it can bring. To address those needs, Deloitte and SAP are collaborating on a new set of offerings that can help enterprise leaders begin innovating the supply chain to address tomorrow’s digital demands.

Through the collaboration, new Deloitte Accelerated Value offerings can help you build an intelligent ecosystem for the shop floor, provide a digital “brain” for manufacturing operations, and make the supply network more autonomous. The new offerings will blend Deloitte’s strength in business-focused technology enablement and SAP leading-edge technology such as the SAP® Leonardo digital business system, including SAP’s innovation portfolio of machine-learning capabilities, Internet of Things (IoT) offerings, advanced analytics solutions, and the SAP® Cloud Platform, in conjunction with the digital core.

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