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CIO and information technology myths

Unravelling the truth about business and IT alignment

Do you believe that Chief Information Officers need to be strong technologists to be effective? That information technology costs too much? Or that outsourcing is a quick fix? Or that large system implementations always fail?

If you do, you are not alone. We have identified 10 commonly held myths about CIOs and information technology that if left unchallenged can mean missing the chance to create real value from IT investment.

Experience shows that while these views have held true for some 30 years, holding on to them today means that businesses will miss opportunities to create and extract real value from IT investment.

Value from IT results from strategic IT planning underpinned by enterprise architecture, a business-aligned IT portfolio, and business-focused IT performance.

Such value can only be achieved by business and IT working together to make decisions which align business and IT strategy. And not if you hold on to some of the ten commonly held CIO and IT myths.

CIO and information technology myths
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