2014 Global Outsourcing and Insourcing Survey

The results

We are pleased to report that the results of Deloitte’s 2014 Global Outsourcing and Insourcing Survey are in. We had strong participation from both large and small organizations, representation from 22 industry sectors, and geographical diversity, with respondents from 30 countries.

The results indicate that while outsourcing as a business practice continues to see growth across all functions surveyed, there are technological and political factors that can be expected to increase or reduce the pace of growth.

Other notable findings of the 2014 survey include:

  • Political implications: Legislation or regulation to curb the offshoring of domestic jobs, if enacted, can be expected to have a negative effect on businesses and consumers. To date, government incentives to promote on-shoring have not created a significant motivation for respondents to move work back to their home countries.
  • Regulatory: Increased regulations related to data privacy are expected to reduce organizations’ reliance on outsourcing as a business model, while relaxation of employment related restrictions are expected to increase organizations’ use of outsourcing.
  • Geography: Established sourcing destinations show continued growth, while a second tier of developing outsourcing destinations can expect to see more rapid growth.
  • Technology: Technology advancements, such as Cloud Computing and Business Process as a Service, will reduce but not remove the importance of service delivery location and lead to an increase in the use of outsourcing.
  • Vendor management: Vendor management is recognized as a critical factor for successful outsourcing, yet vendor management organizations continue to be challenged by staffing shortfalls, poor tooling and immature service integration.
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