The robots are ready. Are you?

The 3rd Annual Robotics Survey

Over the past year, there has been intensifying interest in robotics and in the application of cognitive and artificial intelligence technologies, both in the media and on the conference circuit. RPA is now a proven technology and early movers in shared services and other administrative organisations are already achieving significant benefits.

This year’s Deloitte RPA survey, which attracted well over 400 responses from around the world, including 55 responses from Ireland, shows that awareness of robotics remains high. Even more organisations have investigated the RPA opportunity and/or built a proof of concept. They are convinced robotics will deliver a significant productivity increase and that it is applicable for a significant portion of their activities.

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Do Irish businesses see value in exploring the RPA opportunity?

The answer is a resounding yes, based on key findings of our report:

  • 33% of respondents that are based in Ireland have already started their Robotics Process Automation (RPA) journey
  • Majority of Irish businesses, based on 83% of respondents, plan to launch RPA capabilities with a vendor or implementation partner
  • RPA continues to exceed expectations of senior business leaders across multiple dimensions including cost reduction, accelerated productivity and improved accuracy 
  • Yet scaling RPA is clearly proving more difficult than anticipated: only 2% of respondents have scaled their digital workforce


The findings also demonstrate that RPA is delivering real value for Irish business leaders who have implemented the technology with:

  • 87% of Irish respondents believe it has met or exceeded expectations with regards to cost reductions, and improved productivity
  • 74% with regard to improved quality and accuracy
  • 55% with regards to timelines
  • 45% with regard to compliance 
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