Tech Trends 2018: The symphonic enterprise

Deloitte’s ninth annual Tech Trends report once again shines a light on the disruptive technologies, and this year, we invite you to look at emerging technology trends from a different angle.

The theme of this year’s report is the symphonic enterprise, an idea that describes strategy, technology, and operations working together, in harmony, across domains and boundaries. When technologies act in unison, we no longer see the enterprise vertically or horizontally. In the symphonic enterprise, the old lines become blurred, thus creating a diagonal view that illuminates new business opportunities and creative ways of solving the most complex problems.

Among the trends featured in this year’s report are:

  • Digital reality: represents the next phase in the augmented reality and virtual reality revolution
  • No-collar workforce: discusses HR strategies for managing environments in which humans and machines work together
  • The new core: examines how core functions of finance and supply chain are being reimagined by digital convergence and the breakdown of traditional operational boundaries

Tech Trends 2018 also features the “Exponential Technology Watch List” which discusses strategies for exploring innovation ideas that may not manifest for some time to come, and explores longer-term technology trends including artificial general intelligence and quantum encryption.

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