Demystifying artificial intelligence

What business leaders need to know about cognitive technology

Artificial intelligence still sounds more like science fiction than it does an IT investment, but it is increasingly real and critical to the success of the Internet of Things

'In the last several years, interest in artificial intelligence (AI) has surged. Venture capital investments in companies developing and commercializing AI-related products and technology have exceeded $2 billion since 2011.

Technology companies have invested billions more acquiring AI startups. Press coverage of the topic has been breathless, fueled by the huge investments and by pundits asserting that computers are starting to kill jobs, will soon be smarter than people, and could threaten the survival of humankind'.

In this Deloitte Insights report, the spotlight is put on cognitive technologies- their applications, benefits and how today's business leaders can harness their potential within their own organisations.

Cognitive Technologies
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