People Analytics

The people analytics revolution is gaining speed

People analytics is a data-based approach to improve people related decision-making throughout an organisation, impacting both HR and business units. It brings together a company’s employee-related data to solve specific business problems in areas such as talent management, sales productivity, fraud, and customer satisfaction.

Why is it important?

The 2016 Deloitte Human Capital Trends Report identified disruptive global forces that are driving the demand for leaders to reorganise and redesign their organisations. Such forces include the emergence of a more diverse, dynamic workforce, the digitisation and datafication of the workplace and the continued War on Talent. Leaders are looking to data to figure out what makes people join and stay with the organisation, who is most likely to be successful, and what can be done to build more leadership, customer service, and innovation capabilities—all of which can be directly informed by effective people analytics.


Our People Analytics team has developed a number of discreet propositions, which together focus on strengthening the value chain between HR, the workforce and business objectives to improve organisational performance. Our service offerings span a range of areas;

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Our Solutions

  • Workforce Planning: Help your organisation to answer the questions of how many people will I need in each roles, in what location and with what skills with our Strategic Workforce Planning solution.
  • Organisation Design: Visualise the optimal organisation with the right structure, roles and capabilities to successfully deliver your business strategy.
  • Predictive People Analytics: Using data to effectively predict and identify your future talent and high performers. Identify “flight risk” employees and develop analytics based retention and engagement plans to keep Top Talent in your organisation.
  • Talent Audit: Support your organisation to identify future leadership gaps, source High Potentials to fill them and create optimal career development plans through Deloitte’s Talent Audit Dashboard
  • Employee Engagment: Deloitte’s Employee Engagement Dashboard empowers decision-makers to quickly identify tracks effectiveness of engagement initiatives engagement issues and, thus, enables them to take the necessary remediation actions.

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Valarie Daunt

Valarie Daunt

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Valarie Daunt leads the Human Capital practice in Ireland.  She has spent over 15 years delivering human capital solutions to clients across multiple sectors both as a practitioner in the role of HRD ... More

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Cormac Hennessy

Senior Manager – Analytics

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