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We design and implement solutions and processes to best support how our clients manage data of increasing volume, velocity and variety. We have helped many of the world’s leading organisations design, develop, and execute effective enterprise data management solutions for “structured data” to support business transformations, achieve regulatory compliance, and enable key business processes.

In addition, organisations have a veritable library of information in the form of “unstructured data” residing in numerous documents, systems, the intranet, Internet, and more. Our enterprise content management practice helps you optimise and find new ways to create, manage, distribute, and leverage this data. We assist with document management, knowledge management, case management, intranet and Internet, scanning and archiving, workflow, invoice processing, and integration of digital documents in existing applications such as ERP and CRM.

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Freda Cunningham

Freda Cunningham

Freda is a Director in the Technology service line within Deloitte’s Consulting department. Her key role is with regards to the operational management of the AIM practice within Technology and she als... More