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Enterprise Applications

Today’s dynamic, multifaceted enterprises are enabled by equally dynamic, multifaceted applications — the two have become so entwined that each drives the effectiveness of the other. Deloitte can help you design and implement applications that work efficiently while improving operations and performance across the enterprise. With a global network of passionate and focused practitioners, we are dedicated to helping organizations tackle their most complex challenges with enterprise applications.

Deloitte & SAP

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Enabling SAP S/4HANA to deliver results

The path to clarity and value


SAP® S/4HANA emerged as a digital core platform to meet evolving business demands—supporting tomorrow’s vision of the modern enterprise. With simplicity the new norm, SAP S/4HANA stands as a powerful and highly configurable suite of software solutions that can simplify business—to enable clarity and help deliver the value that organizations crave. Getting measurable business results through the enablement of SAP S/4HANA requires strategy, experience, and technical know-how. We can help.

We start with understanding.
To help deliver effective solutions enabled by SAP S/4HANA, we bring experience that is specific to your business, digging deep to understand what differentiates you and how you might improve your business. We cast a critical eye on your business processes and their impact on your organization, focusing also on your customer and business partners as well as the steps that can help you increase your competitive edge. Based on that understanding, we tailor our approach to help you reinvent your business processes, simplify user experiences, and accelerate value.

We help you move fast.
We can accelerate your SAP-enabled transformation through the use of our agile technology implementation methodologies, preconfigured solutions, proprietary accelerators, and experience with the SAP® Activate innovation adoption framework. Our investments in asset-based solutions can get you started quickly, without an expensive learning curve.

We have a strong track record on results.
Our relationship with SAP extends back decades. We have a trophy case full of SAP awards that help validate our ability to deliver quality and value—including the 2016 SAP® Pinnacle Award as the SAP S/4HANA Adoption Partner of the Year. Our global network of more than 13,000 practitioners dedicated to SAP solutions is widely recognized for results, and we have helped more than 3,000 clients effectively implement SAP solutions and realize business value from those investments.

We know where SAP is going.
We’re experienced in guiding organizations through the business and technical challenges of transformation, and we’re a leading reseller of SAP software. We’re actively working to help SAP improve solutions through co-innovation. Our global alliance with SAP to co-innovate continues to result in leading practices that are built in to solutions. It also gives us different perspectives on evolving SAP capabilities.

Do something new.
Each day, we help leading organizations around the globe transform their organizations with SAP S/4HANA. We can help your organization, too. If you want to transform your business—to do something new that can generate value for the future—we should talk. Contact us to get the conversation started.


Deloitte Digital + Salesforce

Deloitte Digital and Salesforce Brochure

Re-imagine how you will connect with your customers

To thrive in the new world of digital, companies need to be faster and smarter, finding new ways to reach customers at every touch point. Success depends on the latest innovations in cloud, analytics, mobile, and social – and a whole new digital mindset.

Deloitte Digital’s vision is simple: Empower clients to reimagine how they connect and engage with their customers. Deloitte's goal is to be the best in world at driving digital transformation using the Salesforce platform. By redefining your customer’s digital journey, you can look forward to stronger brand loyalty, a better a customer relationship, and a sales process so personal it feels effortless.

Deloitte Digital has transformed the traditional model of work as one part agency and one part consultancy. Download our brochure to learn more about how its designs inspire, industry experts understand your challenges, and its global team makes one-to-one customer relationships a reality.

Download the PDF to learn more about one to one customer relationships.

Deloitte named global leader in Salesforce

Deloitte named a global leader in Salesforce.com implementation services by Forrester. To read the full press release, click here.

How we can help

Enterprise applications are rarely standalone: they impact many aspects of an organisation. Every day, our teams work with clients to realise the full benefits of packaged software. We have helped a large number of Irish organisations to evaluate, select and implement their ERP solutions, covering initial software selection through to project management and system optimisation.
Our teams have extensive functional experience across all core Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) modules, including finance, human resources, customer management and operations/ We are enabled by leading practice process models, methodologies and business case tools. Our holistic view of ERP ensures that strategy and implementation are aligned to the organisation’s business goals,providing our clients with the most efficient business processes, optimal integration and access to the information they require.

Our services include:
• ERP strategy development
• Enterprise cost reduction
• Governance, risk and compliance
• ERP project and change management

ERP strategy development

Successful enterprise applications should support all parts of an organisation or business. This means they should be approached from a strategic and corporate perspective.
Our strategy teams deliver cross-functional services designed to bring an organisational perspective to planning and implementing enterprise applications. We provide strategic advice on enterprise applications and architectures, enterprise performance management, and mergers and acquisitions.

The benefits for our customers include:
• Strategies for implementing and maintaining technology built on enterprise application ‘cornerstones’
• Consolidated enterprise-wide intelligence to allow informed corporate decisions
• Business transformation programmes supported by enterprise applications
• Cost-effective delivery and support mechanisms - whether within an acquisition or divestiture or as part of the evolution of a business operation

Enterprise cost reduction

A recent Deloitte survey showed cost pressures dominate the thoughts of senior management but responses to the issue were mixed. While cost improvement efforts were ongoing and pervasive, they did not appear transformational or geared towards addressing fundamental cost drivers.

• Incremental approaches were often favoured to meet short-term investor expectations
• Companies were setting relatively low goals and then struggling to achieve even conservative targets
• Many organisations were implementing ERP solutions and then expecting cost reductions ‘would just happen’ as a result

Deloitte can help clients generate meaningful and sustained cost reductions from their investment in ERP solutions by focusing on relevant system-enabled processes, such as procurement and sales. Our experienced consultants apply deep industry knowledge to identify quick wins and areas suitable for long-term sustained cost reduction.

Together with our Strategy & Operations teams, Deloitte’s Enterprise cost reduction programme helps maximise sustainable savings throughout an organisation. It can be delivered as a stand-alone ERP service or as part of a wider multidisciplinary offering in conjunction with our Tax, Finance, Human Resources and Consulting teams.

Governance, risk and compliance

In an increasingly challenging business environment, organisations may be tempted to regard compliance as non-essential expenditure. However, history has taught us failure to adequately secure IT infrastructure can prove catastrophic for organisations, both in terms of direct financial loss and collateral reputational damage.

ERP systems are at the heart of many organisations’ business processes and are susceptible to misuse, fraud, inappropriate data access or accidental damage. These can usually be traced back to users having excessive access to these systems, weak internal controls and/or an incomplete understanding by IT staff of the business risks involved.

Additionally, external factors impact an organisation’s ability to compete: legal and regulatory forces, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, FDA requirements and diverse foreign trade regulations all impinge.

To help clients meet these diverse compliance requirements, Deloitte provides a comprehensive solution, helping to manage internal risks while satisfying external requirements.

Deloitte has strong relationships with all major ERP vendors and is the SAP Global Implementation Partner for SAP’s GRC product suite.

ERP project and change management

Realising the full potential of an ERP strategy will depend on the quality of the implementation - managing its cost and timeline, ensuring high quality delivery and that the organisation has the appropriate culture and skills to exploit the potential automation and information capabilities ERP has to offer.

Deloitte’s Enterprise Application teams have a very significant and successful track record in planning and managing ERP-enabled business transformation projects across a range of industry sectors and functional areas. We have an extensive set of project management tools to provide our teams with proven and practical templates for:

• Scoping and planning ERP projects
• Developing business cases
• Identifying and managing risks and issues
• Managing project quality and progress

Change management is a key feature of Deloitte’s holistic methodology and our approach encompasses the entire organisation, from sponsorship and leadership through to end-user enablement.

Deloitte’s approach also includes a relentless focus on planning and delivering project benefits, from establishing a comprehensive business case at the outset of the project through to baselining and measuring actual benefits following implementation.

Enterprise Asset Management

Deloitte’s Asset Management team has a very significant and successful track record in implementing solutions for Enterprise Asset Management (EAM), across a range of industries including Energy, Life Sciences, Facilities Management, Public Infrastructure, Manufacturing and Transport. We have expertise to assist our clients to deploy solutions for:

• Mobile solutions for engineers
• GIS integrated solutions
• Scheduling and management tools for crew scheduling
• Integration with Internet of Things (IoT), particularly to automate the alert and monitoring process in production line and other device sensors
• Predictive analytics solutions for deployment to help predict when to replace or effect preventative maintenance plans across asset estates
• Assessment of asset management maturity and ISO55001 readiness

Deloitte’s approach also includes a relentless focus on planning and delivering project benefits, from establishing a comprehensive business case at the outset of the project through to baselining and measuring actual benefits following implementation.

Gartner names Deloitte a visionary in global SAP Application Management Services (AMS)

Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) is pleased to announce that Gartner has named Deloitte* a visionary in the analyst firm’s Magic Quadrant for SAP Application Management Service Providers, Worldwide.

Meet our Leaders

Peter Kearney

Peter Kearney

Partner - Consulting

Peter Kearney is the Partner Lead for Emerging ERP Solutions and is a leader of SAP-enabled business transformation programmes. He has spent over 18 years delivering SAP solutions and services to clie... More

Carol Trunk

Carol Trunk

Partner, Consulting

Carol is a partner in Consulting, in the Enterprise Technology and Performance team. She specialises in SAP transformation programmes and brings over 22 years’ experience in delivering high-quality SA... More