Technology strategy and architecture


Technology Strategy & Architecture

For most businesses today, technology is central to enabling strategy and execution excellence. Deloitte’s Technology Strategy & Architecture (TS&A) practice advises CIO’s and other CxO’s in developing and executing technology strategies that drive exceptional business value. In a world of accelerating change and technology innovation, Deloitte TS&A helps our clients identify areas that will make an impact on their business in order to drive focus on practical solutions that support the key business strategies. We help our clients by providing leading practices, thought leadership, solutions, subject matter experts with a global experience, and tools and accelerators to drive value quickly. Deloitte TS&A supports our clients through the solution lifecycle from initial technology enabled innovation leading to strategy and architecture, and working with our implementation practices to operationalize new solutions.

Sometimes the business strategy includes a business acquisition, disposition or merger. Our TS&A practice provides advice and implementation support to the merger teams responsible for designing the new IT function, setting synergy targets and achieving Day 1 close. Our TS&A practice also specializes in helping CIO’s to transform the IT Function by examining the “Business of IT” and implementing new operating models, processes, talent disciplines, and solutions to make IT more effective and efficient. This includes services and solutions related to innovation, outsourcing, architecture, cloud, service management, IT financial management, mobile, infrastructure management, governance, application and data management.

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Tech-Enabled Innovation

Rapid advances in technology are enabling new business opportunities and disrupting current business models. Our technology enabled innovation services are focused on two distinct objectives: building an innovation capability for technology CxOs and enabling them to identify disruptive business opportunities through a combination of new technologies. We help CxO’s build innovation capabilities by working with our Singularity University partners and Doblin practice and our Tech Futures programs (e.g., Kick Start a Start Up) to design and implement an innovation programs and pilot them. We help our clients realize the potential of innovation by working with them and their business partners to apply technology enabled innovation from initial strategy and market scanning through to solution architecture and implementation.

Technology Strategy

Technology is a core component to most businesses today and at the heart of any business transformation. Our Technology Strategy offering provides CXO’s with a new Technology Strategy that is aligned with the business direction and goals, and leverages the advances in technology innovation. TS&A works with senior leadership to set the technology direction, describe the target state, and prepare the tactical plans for implementation. This includes high level architectures for applications, data, infrastructure and services as well as the design of the new IT Operating model.

IT Business Management

An IT organization can only deliver effective services if it has effective suppliers, service management capabilities, and good financial management of IT spend; and more importantly, when these three disciplines work together, the incremental value to the organization is immense. Our IT Business Management offering helps organizations increase the value they derive from IT through effective design, management, and governance of IT supply chains, IT operations, and IT finance. TS&A provides a wide range of services from initial assessments to fully integrated IT business management solutions. 

Enterprise & Solution Architecture

Given the rapid changes in technology and the businesses move towards digital operating models, IT organizations are thinking about their architecture needs in innovative new ways. Deloitte’s Enterprise and Solution Architecture professionals help clients refresh their enterprise architectures to support the new business direction, and leverage advances in technology areas such as cloud, mobile, digital, and analytics. We extend these services with solution architectures that support integrated solutions that perform well, are secure and can scale with the business. TS&A also has deep experience assisting organizations in setting up the Architecture functions including design of the function, definition of the architecture process and deliverables, and governance.

Cloud and Infrastructure

Cloud architectures and advances in underlying technology platforms are having a profound impact on our clients’ data centres and networks both in structure and contents. TS&A provides a full range of services to help clients identify trends, refresh their architectures and design new delivery models using cloud and other 3rd parties. We also help to optimize our clients’ data centres given the options to build or buy, and the need for cost effective and secure services. In the area of cloud services, Deloitte assists clients in selecting their cloud provider, designing the cloud operating model, rationalizing applications and data to be transitioned to the cloud, and program management of the actual transition.

IT Sourcing

Today’s information technology landscape is more complex than ever making it a challenge to have the right skills, and resources to deliver in a cost effective way. Many of our clients also have sourcing relationships in place that need updating to reflect these new realities. Deloitte’s IT Sourcing services helps organizations drive better value from IT by identifying services and approaches where third parties can be used, assisting with the procurement and configuration of these services and setting up the governance required for effective operations. TS&A also provides transition services to move to a new service provider or remediation services of an existing supplier relationship.

IT Mergers and Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions transactions are a highly complex event affecting people, process, and technology with aggressive targets related to timing, synergies and growth. Deloitte’s IT Mergers & Acquisitions offering addresses all three by helping you integrate legacy IT operations, enable IT driven synergies and supporting the business initiatives as they execute the blueprint leading to the Day 1 close and target states. TS&A provides clients with post merger integration services starting with rapid, business-focused due diligence of the target IT systems, integration program management office services, all the way through to implementation. TS&A also specializes in helping CIO’s design and implement the new IT function to support the merged entity including design of the target state operating model, organization design, culture, and change management.

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