Robots are waiting


The Robots Are Waiting

Irish Insights - The value of work done by robots is proven, and confidence in robotics has grown significantly over the last year. Explore the report to understand trends and emerging practices.

Deloitte have recently released the fourth edition of the Global Robotics Report, which builds on findings from previous years. In addition to Deloitte’s research into digital transformation and the future of work, the report builds in insights from work in Robotic and Cognitive Automation at scale with a range of organisations. The report helps senior executives understand the trends and emerging practices, in order for them to effectively adopt such technologies. The most recent report seen participation from over 55 Irish organisations, who are a part of the trend of some organisations scaling effectively and quickly, while other struggles to move beyond its infancy.

Irish Insights

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has seen an uptake in Irish firms over the past number of years, with an increase of 13% alone in the last year. With the significant benefits on offer from adopting RPA into the workplace can reduce operating costs while increasing output, allowing the business to be more agile and make changes in processes as needed, while undertaking tasks from employees so that they may take a more customer-centric approach.

Improved productivity and accuracy are some of the most sought after benefits from implementing a digital workforce. In highly regulated environments, the adoption of RPA can standardize processes and increase consistency, compliance and audibility.

Many Irish business seeing the benefits of RPA, with 75% of respondents to our recent robotics survey stating that they had plans to integrate it in the next two years, only 25% are actually scaling for it. Organisations that achieve when scaling RPA usually make conscious efforts to achieve outlined goals from the beginning, like adopting them across the whole organisation to maximise the investment. Many organisations today are still struggling to effectively scale RPA to maturity. From the beginning, best practices should be incorporated and all team members and departments should be a part of the process for a supportive and successful implementation.  

The Robots Are Waiting

The Robots Are Waiting

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