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Deloitte Catalyst offers startups a set of services and talents to sustain and strengthen business resilience

We are here for you, not only to meet any business needs you may have but also to on an On-Demand model that can supplement your team when your employees are less available.Our mission is to fortify your startup, ensuring its long-term vitality, even in the face of future challenges.

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On-Demand Talent

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Financial Resilience

Financial Resilience

  • Incentives,Concessions and Aid Grants

    • Guide and consult on the Innovation Authority's fast-track program for companies with limited runway.
    • Provide support and assistance for all available government benefits and incentives.
    • Aiding in securing R&D grants from both Israeli and international government sources.
  • Cashflow and Financial Planning in Uncertain Times

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    • Analyze the impact of the situation on the company's revenue and expenses.
    • Review and adapt the burn rate and financial strategy.
    • Leverage financial planning and analysis (FP&A) to bring clarity during these uncertain times.
  • Capital Funding

    • Identify and establish connections with funding vehicles.
    • Prepare the company data room and story for potential strategic investments.
    • Prepare growth stage startups for fundraising and M&A's.
  • Cost Reduction

    • Collaborate with the company to pinpoint and execute comprehensive cost-cutting strategies.
    • Evaluate the potential flexibility within the company's capital.
  • Tax and IP Strategy

    • Revise the tax strategy to align with the company's business model and resilience.
    • Evaluate the company's structure in relation to tax and intellectual property.
    • Guide and facilitate a corporate inversion (flip).
  • Strengthen Finance Team

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    • Provide the finance team with hands-on resources and finance operations.
Operational Resilience

Operational Resilience

  • Cyber Security

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    • Conduct a swift assessment of resilience and produce a report for cloud environments.
    • Conduct an analysis of the organizations Attack Surface Mapping.
    • Enhance the security of the organization's systems.
    • Evaluate the organization's SaaS platforms such as Salesforce and Office 365.
    • Execute penetration tests.
  • Business Continuity and Work at Emergency

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    • Identify essential services necessary for maintaining business continuity.
    • Chart the organization's primary and auxiliary business processes, encompassing personnel, technology, suppliers, and more.
    • Outline potential threat scenarios during extreme events.
    • Develop operational processes and technological solutions to address these extreme scenarios.
    • Implement a disaster relief (DR) system and cloud-based backup solutions.
  • Optimization of Processes and Systems During Emergency

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    • Establish and manage a cloud infrastructure support center, covering both operational and financial aspects, to ensure the continuity of the business and organization's cloud environment.
    • Hands-on operations center for ERP systems, encompassing data entry, user support for system issues, and development of services/DBA/technologies.
    • Safeguard critical organizational data.
    • Identify core back-office processes that impact the company's services and develop automated workflows using cutting-edge technological tools in an agile and focused manner.
  • Adapting the Operating Model to a Changing Environment

    • Adjust the company's operational framework and the organization's competencies to thrive in the evolving business landscape, encompassing processes, tools, and skills.
    • Enhancing the capabilities of the financial system to align with the business model, emphasizing the role of the business partner.
    • Aligning the supply chain with the new operational framework, including structure, processes, technology, and skills.
  • Improving Forecasting and Planning Capabilities

    • Enhancing cash flow management and forecasting to foster a financially mindful organizational culture.
    • Developing the capacity to generate forecasts and scenarios for uncertain times.
Organization and Talent Resilience

Organization and Talent Resilience

  • Human Capital Strategy During an Emergency and Providing Tools to Mid-Management

    • Formulating a strategy to address the current challenges and developing a workforce-focused action plan.
    • Equipping managers with the necessary tools to support their teams effectively.
    • Providing resources to address the diverse challenges posed by the workforce.
    • Establishing a real-time dashboard to monitor employee availability and well-being (both emotional and physical), while identifying those in need of support and assistance.
    • Creating a communication and messaging plan to reinforce the purpose, significance, and value of maintaining operations, even during emergencies. This includes highlighting the organization's efforts to contribute to home front support and philanthropic activities.
  • Leadership During a Crisis - The CEO's Table

    • Aligning the strategic agenda.
    • Crafting the organizational narrative for the current circumstances.
    • Establishing key priorities and critical tasks.
    • Formulating a communication strategy tailored to make the organization's contributions accessible to stakeholders during the emergency period.
    • Developing an organizational dashboard to monitor critical performance indicators for reporting.
  • Management of Human Capital Status During an Emergency

    • Creation of efficient tools for data collection and optimization.
    • Implementation of a dashboard to provide full transparency on employee availability and resource allocation within various organizational sectors.
    • Skills-Based Management (SBO) - enhancing the capability to flexibly allocate resources based on their skills, promoting workload balance in areas with high demand and personnel shortages, thereby fostering organizational agility and a flexible work model.
  • Global Employer Services (GES)

    • Formulate effective strategies to tackle immigration challenges at any level.
    • Harmonize strategies, policies, and operations to handle the talent and tax implications of a mobile workforce.
    • Provide personalized tax guidance and support for individuals relocating for various purposes.
  • Scenario Analysis in an Environment of Uncertainty

    • Identifying pivotal areas of uncertainty with a substantial influence on the company and prioritizing them.
    • Formulating scenarios of attribution centered on these critical areas.
    • Outlining prospective actions that encompass various options, including hedging strategies and position building.
    • Consistently tracking essential variables that play a substantial role in transitioning between scenarios.
  • Internal Organizational Communication

    • Crafting an internal organizational communication strategy.
    • Designing and developing a technological tool (organizational portal) that facilitates three-dimensional message conveyance:
      • Top-Down: Empowering management to convey messages, communicate the organization's strategy in addressing the situation, including the CEO's address and senior management's approach, and to inform about the steps taken to support the economy and the community in times of emergency.
      • Horizontal: Enabling employees to access relevant contacts for task performance, locate experts for consultations, participate in knowledge communities, and share knowledge with those in need. Additionally, centralizing various processes to streamline daily work, such as submitting updates for reserve duty, requesting leave, onboarding new employees, and seeking information from the payroll/HR department.
      • Bottom-Up: Ensuring that employees can voice their opinions and share experiences, express their needs from the field, and contribute their accumulated knowledge and expertise.

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