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Deloitte named a global leader in Leadership Development Consulting by Kennedy

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New York, NY, 4 February 2016 – Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Limited (DTTL) is pleased to announce that Kennedy Research has named Deloitte member firms (Deloitte) a global leader—appearing furthest to the right of the Vanguard for “breadth of capabilities”— in Leadership Development Consulting in their report entitled Leadership Development Consulting 2015.

Kennedy Research

Specifically for Deloitte, Kennedy notes, “Deloitte has enhanced its Vanguard status on the basis of having achieved its goal of building a global and fully integrated leadership development service offering, announced this year with the acquisition of assessment consulting boutique Kaisen.”

Dimple Agarwal, the Deloitte Global Leader for Organization Transformation & Talent says “our research consistently shows that leadership is a top priority for both business and HR leaders. We are delighted that there is recognition of our member firms’ tailored leadership services that drive measurable uplift in performance for individual leaders, teams and the organization.”

The report examines how organizations are innovating and going to market, not only to capitalize on the consulting opportunity, but also to place a differentiated stake in a crowded ecosystem. Kennedy’s research assesses the leadership development consulting capabilities of 25 organizations representing a cross-section of those operating in the global marketplace. According to Kennedy, “Leadership development consulting addresses the design and execution of strategies to identify, develop, and retain a pipeline leaders who can drive the strategic agenda of the organization.”

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Additional Findings
  • “Deloitte has evolved a competitive consulting capability into a dedicated, global leadership consulting practice, officially launched in September with the acquisition of predictive assessment boutique Kaisen Consulting.”
  • “The firm goes to market with a single, evidence-based consulting model that integrates intellectual property and consulting approaches from across the firm, including strategists from Deloitte Monitor, innovation and design experts from Deloitte Digital, and organization, transformation, and talent management consultants from Deloitte Human Capital.”
  • “The business is further enabled by the firm’s industry expertise and research from Bersin by Deloitte to design leadership development frameworks informed by external benchmarks and marketplace perspectives.”
  • “Deloitte delivers on the full spectrum of the value chain, providing clients with comprehensive, customized services that improve leadership performance in individuals, teams, and organizations. The firm is poised to benefit from clients’ increasing demands for globalized leadership consulting interventions and solutions based on data and research that drive measurable impact.”
  • “Whereas Deloitte was always capable of connecting the dots between assessment, capability development, performance management, and succession planning, it is now able to accelerate the process with Kaisen as part of its operations.”
  • “Significant differentiators for Deloitte are the leadership research and advisory practice within Bersin by Deloitte, the world’s foremost thought leader on leadership development best practices, and the greenhouse laboratory environments for leadership development.”
  • “Deloitte is exploring the role of neuroscience in leadership assessments and expanding the delivery of leadership development greenhouses into new markets worldwide.”

As used in this press release, “Deloitte” refers only to the DTTL member firms.

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