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Deloitte at WEF regional summits

In addition to the Annual Meeting at Davos and the Annual Meeting of New Champions in China, the Forum convenes a number of regional summits each year. These events focus on determining the critical actions necessary to deal with regional challenges and improve competitiveness. They provide a platform for business, political and civil society leaders to take a greater role in global governance and secure the prosperity of their countries and regions.

WEF on Latin America 2018

Deloitte participated in the 2018 World Economic Forum on Latin America, which took place in Sao Paulo, Brazil, on 13-15 March. Under the theme, “Latin America at a Turning Point: Shaping the New Narrative,” the event gathered over 750 global and regional leaders from government, business, and civil society.

Deloitte was represented by the following delegates:

  • Altair Rossato, CEO, Deloitte Brazil (Head of Delegation)
  • Ronaldo Fragoso, Partner, Enterprise Risk Service, Deloitte Brazil 
  • Michele Parmelee, Global Managing Principal, Talent, Brand & Communications

For more information on Deloitte’s local involvement, please see the Brazil member firm’s WEF pages.


In 2017, Deloitte participated in all five regional meetings, and officially supported meetings in Argentina and South Africa.

  • India Economic Summit 2017 New Delhi, India, 4-6 October 2017.

The 2017 World Economic Forum on Latin America

The World Economic Forum on Latin America took place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, on 5-7 April 2017. Delegates convened under the theme “Fostering Development and Entrepreneurship in the Fourth Industrial Revolution”, which integrated the following key issues:

  • Mastering regional challenges and opportunities
  • Creating and actionable agenda for the future
  • Leveraging global drivers of change 

Deloitte was represented by the following delegates:

  • Gary Coleman, Global Industry & Senior Client Advisor (Head of Delegation)
  • Alejandro Adem, Clients and Industries Leader, Deloitte LATCO (Argentina)
  • Adriana Calvo, Partner, Deloitte LATCO (Argentina)
  • Joäo Gumiero, Partner, Deloitte Brazil
  • Miguel Maxwell, CEO, Deloitte LATCO
  • Daniel Vardé, Partner, Deloitte LATCO (Argentina)

Gary Coleman, Head of Delegation, facilitated the “Revolutionizing Business Innovation” session. The discussion centered around the Fourth Industrial Revolution and its implications for new business models, policy approaches and advantages arising from the expansion of new technologies.

WEF Latin America

The 2017 World Economic Forum on Africa

The World Economic Forum will be held in Durban, South Africa took place on 3-5 May. The theme for the summit was “Achieving Inclusive Growth through Responsive and Responsible Leadership”, which integrated the following sub-themes:

  • Connecting markets
  • Revitalizing manufacturing
  • Integrating innovation

Deloitte will be represented by the following delegates:

  • Lwazi Bam, CEO, Deloitte Africa
  • David Barnes, Global Managing Director, Public Policy
  • Kevin Black, Leader, Clients and Industries, Africa, Deloitte South Africa
  • Gary Coleman, Advisor, Global Industry, Deloitte USA
  • Sihlalo Jordam, Partner and Deputy Chief Executive, Deloitte Africa
  • Thiru Pillay, MD for Consulting, Deloitte Africa
  • Ruwayda Redfearn, Office Managing Partner, Deloitte Africa

Gary Coleman facilitated the session "Industrial Internet of Things" on the private community program of the summit. The session focused on how African entrepreneurs and businesses can take advantage of emerging opportunities created by the rapid industrialization in areas like agriculture and transport across the continent.

WEF Africa

The 2017 World Economic Forum on ASEAN

The World Economic Forum on East Asia took place in Phnom Penh, Cambodia on 10-12 May. Delegates convened under the theme “Youth, Technology and Growth: Securing ASEAN’s Digital and Demographic Dividends”, which integrated the following program pillars:

  • ASEAN in the new Global Context
  • ASEAN and the Connectivity Agenda
  • ASEAN and the Youth Agenda

Deloitte was represented by the following delegates:

  • Danilo Alcantara, Chairman, Deloitte Southeast Asia
  • Kimleng Khoy, National Office Leader, Deloitte Cambodia
  • Subhasakdi Krishnamra, Talent Leader and Country Managing Partner, Thailand, Deloitte Thailand
  • Jiak See Ng, Head, Clients and Markets, South-East Asia, Deloitte Southeast Asia

The 2017 World Economic Forum on Middle East and North Africa

The World Economic Forum on Middle East and North Africa took place at the Dead Sea, Jordan, on 19-21 May 2017. Delegates convened under the theme “Enabling a Generational Transformation”, which integrated the following key issues:

  • Enabling innovation and entrepreneurship through the Fourth Industrial Revolution
  • Building inclusive economies
  • Supporting Humanitarian Efforts and Diplomatic Dialogue
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