Going Public

We are hereby pleased to provide you with the sixth and updated edition of our "Going Public" guidebook. This guidebook is published now after a long period of drought in the IPOs field in stock exchanges around the world due to the world economic crises.

Issuing of shares to the public via stock exchanges is a complicated and sometimes long process. This process requires consideration and decision making in its various stages by all factors and authorities involved in the issue of shares. The current guidebook presents the various processes of issuing shares and updates related to cons and pros in the issuing process. It also presents the way to deploy for such a process and tax updates.

The guidebook is user friendly and easy to read in order to provide the reader a basic understanding in the process of IPO and can assist in decision making regarding the process of issuing shares. This guide does not replace consultation by experts, which is usually needed in a process of going public.

Deloitte Brightman Almagor Zohar is one of the leading firms in the field of IPOs for companies in the Tel-Aviv stock exchange (TASE), the US stock exchange and Europe. The firm audits approximately 140 companies traded in the various stock exchanges around the world and has accumulated vast experience and knowledge on the matter for many years.

We believe you will find the information in the guidebook interesting and handy and hope you will make the most out of it on the way to a successful IPO. Our experts are at your service at all time for consultation as needed during the process of going public.

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