Corporate Responsibility

For a better future!

Businesses are experiencing growing reputation pressures in relation to their management of environmental, social and ethical matters. Such societal developments are impacting in various ways on businesses’ ability to deliver sustainable value to their shareholders.

Over the past few years, leading organizations have undergone a step-change in managing their social, environmental and ethical risks and opportunities.
Having raised internal awareness, engaged with external stakeholders on their expectations and as a result enhanced their governance process, organizations are now looking to Corporate Responsibility practices to generate new value.

Placing a tangible value on Corporate Responsibility (CR) can prove complex, although the CR related business risks associated with reputation, brand and employee relations can seriously impact an organization's ability to deliver its strategy. Our experience in this field shows that delivering sustainable value for shareholders and other stakeholders can be enhanced through robust governance and operational management of economic, social, environmental and ethical matters.

Our CR team has specialists with experience in providing the following services to clients:

  • CR & sustainability reporting and assurance of company reports
  • Consulting in CR and business processes, including risk management, CR strategy, CR reporting and stakeholder dialogue facilitation
  • Consulting in specific subject fields including business ethics (creating and implementing ethical code), corporate governance, environment, and human capital.