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Cloud is a key force multiplier for organizations looking to achieving their business and digital transformation goals. Deloitte's team of expert’s take a business led, technology enabled approach to achieve these goals. We leverage our global experience and strong partnership with leading Cloud providers, provide multi-disciplinary engineering expertise and bring a deep understanding of the business, cultural and regulatory environment in Israel.

Deloitte's Cloud Practice

Organizations can no longer afford to hesitate – the transition to the Cloud is here - and it is here to stay. Whether you are at an early stage of cloud adoption or a cloud native organization looking to create innovative solutions while optimizing costs, Deloitte has the tools and expertise to be your partner throughout the journey.

Our Services

The Deloitte Israel Cloud practice offers services across the full spectrum of your Cloud journey:

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Deloitte’s Cloud Operate solution brings the best of Deloitte together as a comprehensive solution that’s tailored to your needs. Our Cloud Operate spans your entire cloud tech stack, including third-party services, to support your talent, technology, financial and cybersecurity needs. We offer full Managed Services, FinOps, Cloud Reselling, and more. By shifting the operations and maintenance of your cloud ecosystem to Deloitte, you are free to focus on driving innovation and strategic initiatives to fully realize your possible.

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Updating legacy systems is a major undertaking, and the journey to the cloud can take many paths. Deloitte’s Modernization and Migration services can help you reimagine and rearchitect your business and IT functions with an accelerated, efficient approach to transform legacy applications. Our Assess, Migrate, and Modernize three-pronged approach takes your organization methodically through business transformation, encompassing automated engineering, retooling and reskilling staff, supporting ongoing operations, and prioritizing your future workforce. This approach offers flexibility to meet specific needs, no matter how complex.

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Deloitte’s Cloud Infrastructure services can help design, implement, and integrate existing core compute, network, storage, and security services with new hybrid, edge, and multi-cloud initiatives. This starts from the foundations to realize the transition to the Cloud in a secure and effective way. Our team will work with you to build secure Landing Zones, integrate tools for infrastructure as Code and DevSecOps, and establish processes to optimize the value of the cloud.

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Your cloud strategy must address business needs and opportunities that are specific to your industry, your business, and your team’s requirements. It’s about mapping a path of continuous transformation that is as singular as your company and that sets the stage for the company you intend to become. Our Cloud Strategy offering includes five key capabilities: 1) Cloud Assessment 2) Cloud Business Case 3) Cloud Operating Model 4) Cloud Adoption Roadmap 5) Cloud Center of Excellence (CCOE)

Our Partnerships and Assets

As a global entity, Deloitte has established strategic partnerships with the leading cloud service providers and we developed dedicated assets that accelerate the transition to the cloud and enable organization to rapidly identify business value and innovation. Our proven assets have been successfully operating in leading organizations around the world.


Converge Prosperity

The Converge PROSPERITY software solution combined with Deloitte’s technology ecosystem enable financial institutions to deliver on your customer’s expectations for security, digital convenience, and personalization. With regulatory experience in financial services, strategy, and implementation, we can help you offer an exceptional customer experience, and deliver strong ROI goals from your technology investment.

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Deloitte's ATADATA™ suite of solutions, is a market-leading offering for managed workload mobility. With a simple console interface, completely agentless operations, and borderless automation, ATADATA maps, migrates, and manages enterprise-class workloads among any combination of on-premise hypervisors, including public and private cloud environments.

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Deloitte + AWS

Innovating isn’t the hard part—the hard part is turning your ideas into solutions that drive real impact. Deloitte’s understanding of industry issues, together with the innovation engine that is AWS, forms a unique combination of global business transformation experience and market-leading technology that help you drive maximum value and impact with business solutions that build tomorrow’s innovations.

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Deloitte + Google Cloud

What’s your possible? It’s as big and bold as you want to make it. Coupled with the unparalleled power, flexibility, and security of Google Cloud, Deloitte can help you solve for dynamic new opportunities, quickly navigate challenges, align your goals with real results, and provide industry-specific solutions and experiences to unlock competitive advantage.

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