AgeTech in Support of Older Adult Population Under COVID-19 Outbreak 

Deloitte Catalyst | Tel Aviv

In this short overview, we aim to highlight insights and potential positive impact on nursing homes, other senior care facilities and home hospitalization by adopting Israeli exist AgeTech solutions to support the older adults.

Considering that 8 out of 10 US COVID-related deaths were among adults 65+, and 9 out of 10 deaths in Israel occurred among adults 60+, it’s clear that the older adults were hit the worst. Among those in the U.S, around 40% came from nursing homes and assisted living facilities, despite that demographic totaling just 5.7% of US cases.

As a result, the situation forced us all, including the older adults themselves, to become more tech-oriented in order to improve the health and security of the older population.

This junction between general tech developments, the rising trend of AgeTech, and a more tech-savvy senior population creates a unique opportunity to build an ecosystem around senior care facilities, and more importantly, save lives.


Sharon Cohen
Risk Advisory, Regulatory and Legal Support,
Life Sciences & Healthcare Industry Leader.

Amit Harel
Partner, Services to MNCs
Deloitte Catalyst, Tel-Aviv

Michal Tagrin
Senior Manager
M&A Services & Ecosystem Sensing
Team Leader, 
Deloitte Catalyst, Tel- Aviv 

Tal Michael
Life Sciences &
Healthcare Domain Manager
Deloitte Catalyst, Tel- Aviv  

Maya Trajtenberg-Madar
Industry 4.0, Energy, & PropTech Domain Manager
Deloitte Catalyst, Tel-Aviv

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