Budget control & Cost accounting

Cost management - It's impossible to make informed, bottom-line oriented decisions if you don't have the right information. That's where activity-based costing (ABC) and Activity-Based Management (ABM) come in.

 Deloitte will analyze your processes, determine appropriate cost centers and drivers and build a customized ABC template to provide accurate product costing information and enable cost comparison across divisions/branches. You can use that information to set up ABM approaches to price changes, product positioning and continuous improvement plans.

Integrated cost reduction - Many leaders of today’s organizations are looking for immediate answers to questions about cost reduction. How can you address cost efficiencies across the entire organization while quickly having an impact on quarterly profits?

We deliver an integrated solution, one that examines all the components of your cost structure. Business process, organizational structure, financial and tax considerations and technology and risk issues are addressed by our team of industry experienced professionals, offering you the best opportunity to transform your cost structure to be competitive for today... and tomorrow.

Budget planning - Proper budgeting enables effective planning of the company’s operations and serves as a monitoring tool, co-coordinating between the organization’s various divisions. Generating a sound budget means looking beyond your own walls. We will review general economic and industrial trends along with factors unique to your business. This hands-on help will insure development of realistic financial performance goals and budgets. In addition we provide advisory services on selecting and implementing the right budget system for the company, by analyzing the company’s budgetary needs, operational processes and pricing structures.

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