Business Planning

The Business Planning Group is a professional knowledge center that produces economic analysis and research on innovative topics as part of the firm’s initiative to bridge between it’s global activity and Israeli innovation.

The group’s multi-disciplinary team of consultants provides advisory services in many languages, including Chinese, German, Russian and more. Each consultant offers a different sectorial specialization, thus enabling a tailored solution to the client’s needs. The group’s solutions are based on knowledge, methodologies, databases and accumulated international experience.

Among our solutions

  • Building business plans
  • Global market research, analysis and prioritization
  • Feasibility Examination
  • Advisory, support and business development for start-ups
  • Investor presentation preparation for start-ups

Contact our experts

Sigal Adania Kapun

Sigal Adania Kapun

Partner, Financial Advisory Services Practice Leader, Head of M&A

Sigal Adania Kapun is the leading partner of Deloitte Israel’s Financial Advisory Services Group and M&A practice. She facilitates the collaboration of M&A professionals providing strategic and privat... More