Mergers & Acquisitions – Transaction Support and Investment Banking

With a wide range of business, strategic, financial and tax solutions, Deloitte’s Mergers and Acquisitions Group accompanies potential purchasers and sellers, both from Israel and abroad, through the purchase or sale process. Collaborating with the firm’s international professional network enables us to bridge between Israeli companies and the international market and provide added value throughout the entire transaction lifecycle – from M&A strategy development, through purchase and sale management and execution, to integration once the transaction is settled.

Our team of local and international consultants, experts in various industries and disciplines, tailors our array of solutions to the aspects of each transaction and customer. We untangle the complexity of M&A transactions with a thorough and multi-dimensional analysis of all transaction components essential to its success, in a way that provides true value.

Among our solutions

  • M&A Strategy
  1. M&A strategy formulation

    Market review – identification of target companies or potential investors
  2. Assistance in contacting target companies / investors
  3. Assistance in target company / investor selection
  4. Transaction structure advisory services
  • Due diligence (DD/VDD)
  1. Financial, accounting, commercial and tax due diligence for the purchasing or selling party
  2. Additional due diligence if necessary – HR, IT

    Initial Go/NoGo analysis and pre-proposal due diligence
  3. Assistance in pre-transaction formulation of presentations and financial data preparation
  4. Transaction value examination
  5. Negotiation advisory and accompaniment
  6. Advisory for purchase or sale agreements
  7. Construction of an integration plan or Carve Out
  • Banking, investments and transaction readiness analysis
  1. Sales and purchase management, including preparation of relevant presentations

    Creating access to selected target companies or locating investors
  2. Valuation
  3. LOI (Letter of Intent) / SPA (Sales and Purchase Agreement) advisory
  4. Transaction and planned tax structure examination, including application for preliminary approval from the tax authorities in case of structural change
  5. Vendor Assist – pre-sale seller side advisory, including formulation and preparation of financial data for the examination
  6. Assistance in obtaining transaction financing
  • Setting transaction and planning integration / carve out
  1. Creation and implementation of merger integration scheme or Carve Out
  2. Human capital preservation and HR advisory
  3. Managing change
  4. Integration of information systems
  5. Purchase Price Allocation

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Sigal Adania Kapun

Sigal Adania Kapun

Partner, Financial Advisory Services Practice Leader, Head of M&A

Sigal Adania Kapun is the leading partner of Deloitte Israel’s Financial Advisory Services Group and M&A practice. She facilitates the collaboration of M&A professionals providing strategic and privat... More