Storytelling & Fundraising Readiness

Among Our Solutions:

  • Business and Financial Plan -
    Outline the company’s business and financial future through financial forecasting and a comprehensive business plan — packaged into a well-defined corporate story that addresses investor needs and expectations.

    Including: Company overview, market analysis, product validation, revenue model and pricing financial forecasts, financial insights, business model assumptions, unique value proposition.

  • Investors Deck & Pitching -
    Strategize and distill a high-impact investor story that highlights the company’s unique value and positions their technology, solution and business/project assets in the most persuasive manner. This produces effective key messages for the pitch and refines the Investor Presentation.

  • Strategic Storytelling and Fundraising Readiness -
    Allowing startups to make the most of their upcoming investment rounds by validating and assessing their readiness, strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to create a clear, memorable and powerful story.

  • Marketing One Pager Website -
    Plan, create and execute an innovative website design to drive the company’s product and engage with customers – accentuating the site with an innovative user experience to enhance the company’s image and spark future growth.

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Rani Argov

Rani Argov

Partner, Deloitte Digital Co-lead

Rani is a Partner, Co-Leader and Head of strategy of Deloitte Digital in Israel. He helps support leading Israeli companies in the planning and launching of breakthroughs and innovative concepts. He s... More

Shu Eliovson

Shu Eliovson

Strategic Storytelling & Fundraising Readiness

Shu is the Head of Strategic Storytelling and Fundraising Readiness at Deloitte Israel’s Financial Advisory Services practice. Shu prepares startups entering new investment rounds and leaps of custome... More