Strategy Validation

Among our solutions:

  • SOC2 -
    A thorough examination and analysis designed to report on the organization’s controls and mitigate the risks related to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, or privacy (trust services principles).

  • Pen Test -
    Applications and infrastructure penetration test and code review. This is a required step in the product development lifecycle, as a secure product is key in working with big global enterprises. The final output is a report signed by Deloitte, discussing the vulnerability of the product.

  • Privacy Regulations Compliance -
    Preparing the company and products to meet privacy requirements according to regional regulations (such as GDPR, CPPA, HIPAA and more) by: conducting a gap analysis of the existing privacy management vis-à-vis the requirements of the law, building a work plan to mitigate the gaps and leverage the privacy maturity of the company as well as accompanying the implementation process for compliance.

  • ISO27001 -
    Guidance and support throughout process for ISO27001 certification, up to the Standards Institute exam. Performing a gap assessment, building a work plan and implementing it, conducting an internal test and preparing for testing by the Standards Institute.

  • Usability Testing - 
    Evaluate the way the company’s users interact with your products through a detailed 1:1 testing, in order to determine and focus on potential usability issues and innovative solutions to combat them.

  • User Research - 
    Using a combination or individual selection of our user-research services to gain insight into customer motivations and behavior through detailed interviews, surveys and quantitative research. Via in-depth analysis of particular customers, we recommend grouping clients together to form specific archetypes, known as personas. Based on each persona, we create customer journeys: specific stories of the customer’s experience, from the initial contact to a long-term relationship. These customer journeys are built around each persona’s specific needs. The final deliverable provides detailed insights and feedback to improve your customer experience.

  • Market Analysis & Competitive Landscape -
    Conducting an analysis of markets trends and performing a market sizing exercise in order to estimate the potential of the company. In addition, the work includes creating a competitive landscape and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses that the company has over its competitors.

  • Cyber Security Policy - 
    Defining and articulating the organizational cyber policies and procedures. Establishing a cyber security policy is a crucial phase in the company’s cyber maturity and standardization.

  • Interface Facelift - 
    Enhancing the company’s product with an innovative UI design. Our team will analyze your company’s current interface and provide a revamped design to optimize user experience.

  • Technology Consulting & Implementation - 
    We assist organizations in developing their technology strategy and transforming their business via design, implementation and operation of their systems.

  • Knowledge Management - 
    Design and implementation of Knowledge Management solutions, strategies and work plans to achieve the organization’s strategic goals. Our team develops agile Knowledge Management solutions that deliver an increase in productivity and efficiency, improve internal communication, help manage knowledge core processes and reduce risks that derive from knowledge loss.

  • Go-To-Market Strategy - 
    Providing insights tailored to the company’s point of view and needs to support the company’s decision–making process. Better understand your business environment by leveraging our global reach, vast experience, and unique research and analysis capabilities.

  • Strategy Validation - 
    A thorough examination of the company’s existing strategy in light of its ecosystem, product and technology, your customers’ needs and habits, and the company’s ability to successfully execute this strategy. This process will either indicate that the strategy is coherent and that the strategic roadmap has high chances of achieving aspirational goals, or, it will reveal gaps and deficiencies within the strategy. The latter will require a reevaluation of the strategy, either in its entirety, or in merely its segments.

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Tovi Kochav

Tovi Kochav

Partner, CTO, Core Business Operations Portfolio Leader, Consulting

Tovi is a Partner and CTO of Deloitte Israel’s Technology Consulting practice, where he leads major IT transformation efforts from design through implementation. Tovi is a well-known expert in the spa... More

Rani Argov

Rani Argov

Partner, Deloitte Digital Co-lead

Rani is a Partner, Co-Leader and Head of strategy of Deloitte Digital in Israel. He helps support leading Israeli companies in the planning and launching of breakthroughs and innovative concepts. He s... More

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Rotem Dolev

Consulting TMT Leader

Rotem is a Director at Monitor Deloitte and the Tech Sector Leader at Deloitte Israel. She helps leading organizations around the world deliver improved performance by increasing growth and de-risking... More


Yoav Yehudai

Yoav Yehudai

Managing Director

Yoav is the Managing Director of Technology for Deloitte Israel’s Knowledge Management (KM) practice. He leads Deloitte KM strategic technology projects and activities, such as enterprise search, docu... More

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Shahar Nevo

Shahar Nevo

Director, Cyber Center

Shahar is the Director at Deloitte Israel's Cyber Risk Services practice. He has over 20 years of management experience in the Cyber public sector. As a Cyber security strategist, he provides thought ... More