Business Intelligence Services

Helping clients identify potential risks

If you’re looking to expand your company through a third-party relationship, investment or a transaction, you need accurate information about these entities, especially the potential risks. That’s where Deloitte business intelligence services come in. Through our in-depth experience and global network, due diligence and advanced technology, we can help you minimize risk, so critical decisions can be made with confidence.

The Business Intelligence Services practice at Deloitte consists of highly trained intelligence specialists. we can help our clients gather and analyze open source and other information on individuals, entities, and industries tailored to meet their specific requests and requirements while maintaining a high degree of confidentiality and discretion. Our team gathers information in a legal and ethical manner from a variety of sources to provide clients with information regarding a subject’s background, reputation, and business relationships. Our professionals conduct extensive research using an ever-changing universe of online databases, on-site public records, and open source internet sites.

By actively cross-referencing a diverse portfolio of online and manual data points, we are able to discreetly develop information that has not been readily available to our clients. Our practitioners assess the validity and reliability of open source information they encounter, and attribute research findings to underlying source documents. These efforts help clients to mitigate potential legal, operational, or reputational risks and to corroborate, verify, and vet their own sources.

How we can help?

• Integrity Due Diligence (“IDD”)

• Competitors overview

• Possible suppliers and joint venture partners check

• Check future executive staff (Pre-Employment Due Diligence)

• Branding Management

• Periodic newsletter focused on the organization’s on-going needs


Business Information Services

Why Deloitte’s Business Intelligence  Products?

• Access to information sources and experts in a range of sectors and disciplines of the local and global firm

• Information gathering and extraction methodology based on 8200 unit’s methods, an Israeli elite intelligence unit 

• Actively cross-referencing a diverse portfolio of online and manual data points in order to discreetly develop information that has not been readily available to our clients

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Aurelie Amidan

Aurelie Amidan

Head of Business Information Center

Aurelie is the Head of the Business Information Center and leads the Business Intelligence Services practice at Deloitte... More