The trust group of Deloitte Brightman Almagor Zohar is one of the longest standing trustees in Israel. We serve as trustees for about 100 mutual trust funds in the country.

With our vast knowledge amassed over many years in its day-to-day activities as a trustee for mutual funds we provide maximum service to the funds, for which the firm serves as trustee.

Deloitte's infrastructure plays an important roll with regard to the regulations governing corporations, taxation and computer technology. Our experts in the field, being well acquainted with the Israeli market, assist on an on-going basis and even initiate contact directors of funds when necessary.

Among our clients are funds managed by banks and funds managed by the top brokers in the market in the total aggregate sum of 2.6 billion US $.

Trustees for oil drilling partnerships

Trust services and supervision of oil drilling partnerships and hedge funds.
The firm serves as supervisor responsible for the rights of owners. Services provided in accordance with our obligations under the prospectus, and agreement.

Trust services for mutual funds:

Trust services for mutual funds:

  • Ongoing supervision of compliance with the investment policies.
  • Ongoing checks on compliance with laws and regulations.
  • Independent calculations of purchase price and sales price.
  • Exceptions log administration