Innovation Challenge - Supply Chain

The global COVID-19 pandemic triggered simultaneous demand and supply shocks to the global economy, disrupting businesses, governments and consumers across all sectors and continents. Across many categories and products, consumer purchasing may be dramatically higher (e.g., hand sanitizer) or lower (e.g., public transport and ride sharing). Supply chains, which have become globalized, interdependent, and complex, must be resilient and agile in order to procure, manufacture, distribute, and deliver products under volatile demand and supply conditions.

Deloitte is working to offer leading-edge supply chain solutions to our clients that help them quickly pivot, respond to, and proactively address the changing marketplace. To materialize our efforts Deloitte is reaching out to the Israeli Ecosystem in search for proven tech solutions for some of the our most pressing and major use cases, focused mostly on Key Priority Industries which were most affected by the crisis: Automotive and Logistics, Retail and Consumer products, and Medical Devices.

Deloitte is looking for cutting-edge solutions across three main use cases:

1. Demand Sensing and Demand & Supply Balancing

  • Effective supply & capacity management capabilities to respond to changes in demand profile (Surge and flex).
  • Accurately forecast real time future consumer behavior in the new normal reality: Help business face volatile demand and uncertainty on evolution of demand patterns with phases of the pandemic, leveraging diverse data sources beyond historical trends to create dynamic modeling and demand forecasting capabilities.

2. Multi-tier Supplier Risk Sensing and Mitigation

  • Digital tools can help illuminate multi-tier supplier risks. Understand your suppliers and their supplier financial and operational capability, inventory and flexibility to fulfill orders, and the outcomes of potential shortages.
  • Capture leading indicators in real time to prevent supply chain disruptions before they occur.
  • Manage and diversify supply sources or create new ones. Establish or join a shared resource pool for materials inventory. Diverse your supplier network to ensure supply from regional neighbors and other non-impacted regions.

3. Cash Flow Liquidity and Cost Takeout

  • Optimizing cash-to-conversion cycle, including: payment terms, timing and frequency of key customers and suppliers, invoicing process to customers, accounts receivables and payables, inventory management and other cash preservation. Identify quick wins and opportunities for immediate cost optimizations
  • Financing Strategy and Investment: find ways to reduce financing cost and optimize assets utilization.

Supply Chain

The Challenge Leadership

Debanjan Dutt (DD),

Principal, Supply Chain & Network Operations Practice

Deloitte, US

Allan Krul,

Principal, Supply Chain & Network Operations Practice

Deloitte, US

About Debanjan Dutt (DD)
Debanjan (DD) has over 15 years of experience working with complex engineered product manufacturers (automotive, aerospace &, industrial product OEMs) integrating and optimizing their global supply chains. DD’s primary focus is on optimizing the global supply chain to help these OEMs capitalize on growth in emerging markets and minimize operating costs in mature markets to help preserve margins. He has deep experience in supply chain planning &, execution, manufacturing, sale &, distribution, including large ERP and IT transformations globally.

About Allan Krul 
Allan is a Principal in our Consulting practice with a deep background in Supply Chain and Network Operations and also serves as the leader of our Medical Technology & Device Supply Chain Practice. He has over 28 years professional experience and has led a number of large operational transformation projects across several industries with a focus in Life Sciences. Allan has significant background in R&D, Engineering, Product Development, Manufacturing, Supply Chain Operations and Quality across both Medical Devices and Life Sciences companies.

About The Supply Chain & Network Operations Practice
Deloitte’s Supply Chain and Network Operations practice is a leader in helping companies integrate business strategy with supply chain initiatives to drive operational excellence. Our deep industry experience encompasses new product development, inventory strategy and integrated demand planning, sourcing and commodity management, manufacturing footprint strategy and operations, distribution network and logistics optimization, and sustainability. We employ programmatic approaches, leverage analytics capabilities, and offer managed services that can help improve top-line growth, lower costs, reduce response times and increase productivity.

Key Contacts

Idan Adler

Idan Adler

Head of R&D and Innovation Center

Idan Adler is the Israeli Innovation Practice Leader and the Chief of Staff for Deloitte Israel’s CEO & Chairman. Idan works closely with the Israeli ecosystem in order to bridge between Israeli innov... More