Deloitte GIE (Global Innovation Executive)

Deloitte Israel is proud to be an active member of the Global Innovation Executive

Deloitte's Global Innovation Executive is a governing body for global innovation, making decisions about priorities, funding, and allocation of resources for Deloitte's global innovation agenda in order to move projects forward globally. The Israeli Innovation Practice is an essential member of the GIE, since Deloitte Israel is committed to drive innovation, leveraging the Israeli technology. The GIE is in charge of setting the strategy for the global firm's innovation goals and objectives.

We had the privilege to host the GIE to an in-person semi-annual meeting in Israel in September 2015. The meeting included more than 30 participants from 15 countries that came to learn and experience the Israeli ecosystem. Israel is well known as one of the most Innovating counties in the world, with a top-class Innovation Ecosystem. Therefore, we invest heavily in connecting the Israeli ecosystem to Deloitte's Network and to our clients globally.



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