Deloitte Israel Innovation Practice Leads Cybersecurity Prize Design XPRIZE 2017  

XPRIZE Visioneers Team

What is XPRIZE?

XPRIZE is a global organization which is considered as a world leader in designing and managing incentive competitions to solve humanity’s grand challenges.

XPRIZE believes in spreading innovation by making exponential technologies be more accessible to all the world citizens and not only to government and big business. XPRIZE is using a large network of experts and world leaders in different domains, to design innovation challenges in diverse areas like Space, Ocean, Automotive, Natural Resources etc. The concept is to leverage the global crowd to source these necessary solutions, moonshots that accelerate the pace of invention for desperately-needed innovation. With this innovation, humanity as a whole benefit by having access to what was once scarce, and is now made abundant.


Cybersecurity XPRIZE Visioneers Team:

On April 2017, XPRIZE launched the 2017 Visioneers program. 

The XPRIZE Visioneers method of prize design is to design 6 prizes in a 6 moths process, which ends in the Visioneers Summit in Los Angeles, where 300 judges will decide which of the 6 different challenges the next XPRIZE challenges. 

When XPRIZE decided that one of the teams will design a Cybersecurity prize, they thought that Israel is the best place to begin, and asked Deloitte Israel's Innovation Practice to lead this 6 months' prize design process. Our mission is to make the world a safer place where people are less frightened from cybercrime and security breaches.

In order to understand what are the market failures in this huge industry, the process begins with a massive market research and meetings with industry leaders and experts around the world.

Deloitte Israel hopes to leverage the Israeli knowledge and proven experience in the innovation fields, to design the best XPRIZE challenge and to win the Visioneers Summit in LA which is held on October. 


If you are interested to become a partner in this amazing journey, please don't hesitate to reach us.


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