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Service Operations

Customers expect quality and value in return for their business, but meeting these expectations can be quite different for organizations that provide services rather than products.

Deloitte Service Operations practitioners work with service organizations across multiple industries and sectors to improve profitability and business productivity. We help you enhance core elements of your business model, applying analytics and “outside the box” thinking to improve service quality for your customers while creating value for your organization by simplifying processes, reducing operating costs, and aligning technology systems to operating models to achieve a competitive edge.

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Building your digital DNA

To remain competitive in the digital era, organizations across all industries must assess and build the digital capabilities needed to grow and exploit new business channels. However, digital transformation is not easy, irrespective of where you are on your digital journey.

Payments disrupted

European banks face significant risks in the retail payments market, as emerging fintech players and regulatory reforms pose new challenges. In this report, we explore the main scenarios which are likely to emerge and the strategies banks could follow to respond to market changes.

Payments disrupted
Taming Complexity with Analytics

Unnecessary complexity and unintended variability in business processes are pervasive challenges in large organizations. Even with large-scale ERP projects and huge investments intended to automate and standardize business processes, the problem persists and is increasing in scope and consequence. While the existence of the problem is widely accepted, determining precisely how, where, when, and why the complexity and variability are occurring has been difficult if not impossible.

Taming complexity
Global Powers of Retailing 2016

The 19th annual Global Powers of Retailing identifies the 250 largest retailers around the world based on publicly available data for fiscal 2014 (encompassing companies' fiscal years ended through June 2015), and analyzes their performance based on geographic region, product sector, e-commerce activity, and other factors. It also provides a look at the world's 50 biggest e-retailers.

2016 Global outsourcing survey

Over the last several years, Deloitte has conducted multiple studies that explore the evolution of outsourcing and assess emerging trends.

2015 Global Shared Services Survey

Since 1999, Deloitte has conducted a biennial survey on shared services organizations to explore the evolving concept and assess emerging trends. The 2015 survey garnered 311 respondents headquartered in 35 countries consisting of 1,000+ Shared Services Centers (SSCs).


Gabriel Holtz

Gabriel Holtz

Senior Manager

Gabriel leads Deloitte's service operations consulting in Israel. He focuses on large scale and complex transformations of client facing and back office operations, performance improvement and cost re... More