Technology Transfer Between Academia and Industry Strategy Report

In 2011 Deloitte performed a study in order to formulate Israel's national strategy for technology transfer between academia and industry – the practice of translating academic research and intellectual property into marketable products. The work - commissioned by the Ministry of Finance, the Planning and Budgeting Committee and the Chief Scientist Office - articulated concrete and practicable recommendations, allowing Israel to make improvements from its already globally recognized position. With many of these recommendations endorsed and implemented since then, Israel jumped 20 spots and was ranked 2nd in the WEF 2018 survey on university-industry collaboration in R&D.

In 2019 the Israeli National Council of R&D and the Israeli Prime Minister's Office approached Deloitte again to reexamine the current landscape so as to ensure Israel further improves its performance in this area while maintaining its leading stance in translational research activity. In this new project Deloitte ascertained additional opportunities and practices for improvement in 4 key vectors (as pre-defined by the Israeli National Council of R&D) through a comprehensive benchmark analysis of leading institutions around the world. These opportunities were mapped and depicted to provide the necessary foundation for future government activities that can guarantee Israel will continue to lead this field in the global arena.


Idan Urman
Public Sector Consulting | Tel Aviv
Deloitte Israel

Chen Hay
Public Sector Consulting | Tel Aviv
Deloitte Israel

Work Commissioned by:
The Israeli National Council of Research and Development and the Israel Prime Minister's Office

A summary of the insights gleaned for each of the 4 key dimensions defined:

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