Compliance with Regulations and Regulatory Requirements

(corporate governance, SOX, BASEL, AML, FACTA)

The Regulatory Compliance Group specializes in guiding and assisting companies to successfully comply with relevant required regulations. Our support and advisory services, provided independently, are tailored to the client’s needs, organization’s profile and relevant regulatory requirements.

Our solutions are powered by our experts’ extensive knowledge base, varied experience, global benchmarks and sectorial expertise.

Among our solutions

  • Compliance model definition and support for Compliance Officers
  • Implementation of Basel risk management guidelines for banks and credit-card companies
  • SOX / ISOX compliance
  • Implementation of Solvency risk management guidelines for insurance companies
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) advisory and support
  • FATCA, CRS compliance
  • Anti-Money Laundering (AML) advisory and support
  • Privacy protection and GDPR compliance
  • Corporate governance including administrative enforcement
  • Conduct Risk Management and Risk Culture
  • Amendment 20 to the Companies Law
  • Review of law practices’ work in debt collection

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Linur Dloomy

Linur Dloomy

Partner, Advisory Leader

Linur has experience in the development and implementation of risk management frameworks at enterprise and program levels. She has been part of the working group responsible for the development of Del... More