Enterprise Risk Management and Evaluation

The Group specializes in assessing and managing the strategic, business, financial, operational and regulatory risks facing organizations, optimizing their existing control systems and security. We implement innovative technologies throughout the work process – including the identification, assessment, control, reduction, monitoring and reporting of various risks – enabling the organization to appropriately manage its exposure to risks.

All of the above create an effective and efficient risk management system, that supports the organization’s business objectives.

Among our solutions

  • Comprehensive Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)
  • Risk and control assessments – identifying and assessing risks, controls and vulnerabilities
  • Crisis management – risk, IT, strategy, media and business continuity (BCP, DRP) aspects
  • ERM maturity assessment, target state definition and roadmap development
  • Risk Analytics – utilizing analytical tools to improve the organizational risk management
  • Processes and procedures definition
  • Financial Risk Management – policies, models and processes
  • Controls assessment and optimization
  • Embezzlement and Fraud Risk Management
  • Control-oriented adjustment of organizational structure
  • Structuring a risk mitigation plan

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Linur Dloomy

Linur Dloomy

Partner, Advisory Leader

Linur has experience in the development and implementation of risk management frameworks at enterprise and program levels. She has been part of the working group responsible for the development of Del... More