Israel Center for Corporate Governance

The center promotes dialogue and activity on the critical topic of corporate governance and its impact on corporations and their boards, investors, and others.


Digital Directors

Due to rapid pace of technological developmental and the entrance to the digital era- many boards are looking to recruit "Digital Directors"- This Spencer Stuart primer was developed fir aspiring "Digital Directors" on how they can best approach and evaluate an outsider board opportunity.


Five questions on exercising risk oversight

This edition of Risk Angles answers five questions on how boards of directors can sharpen their focus on risk and takes a closer look at global practices regarding board-level risk committees.


Director's Declaration of Independence

We are pleased to introduce our Corporate Governance Director's Guide.

Irena Ben Yakar

Enterprise Risk Services




Israeli related regulation


The Talent Intelligent Board

In most organizations, talent is the essential resource — in fact your talent is the one thing that can distinguish you from your competitors.