Israel Electric Company Deploys its 1st Salesforce project 

Deloitte Digital developed a solution for customer mobility and management of metering data based on the Salesforce platform for Israel Electric Company

Deloitte Digital developed a Salesforce-based
solution for the rising challenges of the Israel Electric Company. The
structural reform in the Israeli electricity sector is bound to decentralize the Israel Electric Company and increase the competition in the
local market. To address those challenges Israel Electric Company required a
solution for customers' mobility between various suppliers.

Based on worldwide extensive experience in
digital transformation processes, and a deep understanding of the energy sector,
we at Deloitte Digital, developed a solution based on the Salesforce platform, which contains 2 modules: "PELE" – a customer's mobility automation, and
"GEFEN"–real-time access to meters data.

PELE and GEFEN provide holistic solution for the
Israel Electricity Company and external suppliers by enabling them to manage
mobility requests and to track and monitor the process until completion.

With full cooperation between Israel Electric Company
and Deloitte Digital, Israel Electric Company has achieved:

1. 360 view - of the customer and the process, including access to
data and status based on the user\organization authorizations.

2. Tailor-made and agile solution which enabled Israel Electric Company
to shorten response time to address market challenges.

3. Insights and guidance – the solution provides Israel Electric Company
users with real-time and ongoing insights and guidance, based on the business logic and SLA requirements.

Watch how Israel Electric Company harnessed digital transformation for meeting their business goals

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