The CMO Survey 2022

An overview of the Israeli 2022 marketing field based on insights from marketing professionals and industry leaders.

In order to provide the marketing community with actionable and practical insights, we conducted the second Israeli CMO survey in collaboration with The Israeli Marketing Association.The survey presents a comparative view on a variety of topics at the core of marketing, based on the point of view and opinions of marketing professionals from different industries, business sectors and sizes.

The function of the CMO has evolved significantly over the previous decade, due to the advancement of technology and the increased usage of data-based marketing tools. Many organizations are redefining the duties of the role, between conventional activities like building the brand, studying consumer behavior, boosting demand and additional new duties like establishing company development engines, customer service and product innovation.

After two challenging years coping with the Covid crises and its consequences the marketing systems are resuming to a more standard and routine activity with a moderate growth in budgets. Alongside this, some significant trends from previous  years are strengthening such as the conversion of budgets to digital, the expansion of technological capabilities,  expansion of the scope of roles that are transferred from outside suppliers to the "in-house" marketing system and the growth of managerial resources devoted to long-term planning.

Main findings from CMO survey 2022


Itay Boneh
Senior Manager
Deloitte Digital

Talma Biro
Israel Marketing Association

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