Monitor Challenge 2021 - Israel

Your future as a strategy consultant starts here!

Are you interested in learning more about Strategy Consulting? Do you enjoy working in an interactive team to solve multidisciplinary business challenges? If so, gain real-life exposure, hands-on experience, as well as potential awards with your team in the Monitor Challenge.

What is the Monitor Challenge?

The Monitor Challenge is an international strategy case competition organized by Monitor Deloitte France and open to teams of 3 to 4 students, who  will compete on a business case hosted by Monitor Deloitte. The competition consists of three rounds and will take place between March 18th, 2021 and April 21st, 2021.

Why participate?

  • Live a challenging team experience   
  • Gain experience in case studies and prepare for case interviews  
  • Learn what strategy consulting is about
  • Get coached by experienced strategy consultants
  • Get the opportunity to meet and network with the Israeli Monitor Deloitte team
  • Become one of the winning teams and receive great recognition

What to expect?

  • An international strategy case competition with three rounds, starting with 15 teams from each country, narrowed down to one local winner that will represent Israel in the international competition.
  • In the first round, students will be requested to solve a business case. The case is sent via email and needs to be solved within a period of four days.
  • Teams that pass the first round will be invited to the second round. During this (virtual) event, finalists will get the opportunity to deepen the business case analysis, receive coaching from experienced strategy consultants and present their solution in front of a local jury.
  • In the final round, the best team from each country will compete for the international title by solving and presenting their solution to an international jury.

How to register?

  • The registration take place through the consulting clubs of Tel Aviv University, IDC Herzliya and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 
  • Participants must organize themselves into teams of 3 to 4 and register as a team on the registration portal. Please note that as part of the registration all participants will be required to submit their CVs.  
  • Registrations of all team members must be completed by
    Tuesday, March 9th at 23:59 (local time)
  • Teams will be screened based on CVs of their team members taking into account: education, work/internship experience, extra curriculum activities etc. 

When does the challenge take place?

Sun, March 14th          Teams selected for the first round case are announced


Thu, March 18th till
Sun, March 21st            
First round takes place


Thu, March 18th till
Sun, March 21st
            Second round takes place


Wed, April 21st             Final round takes place

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