Financial Services Industry Solutions

Planning and implementing technological solutions in financial institutions is a complex process that requires both technical and business expertise and an understanding of global and local trends and the regulatory landscape.

Our consultants provide tailored technological solutions designed to enable organizations in the financial sector to realize their strategic goals and maximize value for the company and for its clientele. These services are based on global experience and proven methodologies and supported by a deep understanding of the local business environment and regulatory requirements.

Among our solutions

  • Planning and support throughout the technological, business and organizational aspects of core systems transformation processes in financial organizations, including:
  1. Assessing the organization’s business case for transformation, evaluating alternatives and relevant vendors
  2. Identifying gaps between the selected solution and the technological, organizational and regulatory requirements
  3. Structured project management using proven methodologies
  4. Support throughout the implementation and corresponding organizational re-structuring process
  • Integration of Fintech solutions in the technological environment of financial organizations, including assistance in identifying and selecting the most appropriate solutions, and support throughout their subsequent implementation process

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Meirav Hickry

Meirav Hickry


Meirav has over 10 year of experience in IT consulting and risk management focusing in the financial sector industry. Meirav leads services related to IT internal and external audit, SOX404 readiness ... More