Analytics & Cognitive

Deloitte’s consultants specialize in addressing corporate business questions and challenges through analysis, visualization and prediction of internal and external data. Our experts accompany organizations from the construction of business and analytical strategy to the realization and implementation stages of analytical and cognitive solutions.

We provide an end-to-end solution using Insight Driven Organization, innovative thinking and leveraging global knowledge and experience.

During the course of the project, we perform a vertical integration in the organization and work with the CEO and other senior executive on creating value from Big Data and Analytics, with Data Scientists on creating data insights, and with IT managers in the organization on planning and implementing Big Technologies Data & Analytics and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions.

Deloitte was ranked as a Tier 1 company in the “(Big) Data Consulting” category for 2018 by leading research company STKI.

Among our solutions

  • Support in the design and implementation of the organizational analytics strategy (Insight Driven Organization)
  • Improvement of business performance indicators using data-based analysis of organizational and operational processes
  • Support throughout the planning and establishment of analytic systems (Big Data platforms)
  • Using and developing AI, machine learning, cognitive and NLP capabilities
  • Support throughout the characterization and implementation of Robotic solutions – Unattended RPA, Attended RPA and other cognitive solutions
  • Creating a new revenue source via data monetization
  • Business optimization based on analytics, cognitive and advanced measurement tools
  • Risk Analytics - risk management and control through analytic systems

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Ran Bergman

Ran Bergman

Partner, Chief Data Scientist

Ran Bergman leads the AI & Analytics practice at Deloitte Israel. Ran is a data-capital expert with more than 20 years of supporting organizations in improving business performance with the assistance... More